Weather Policy

Whilst every effort is made to ensure a smooth and seamless flight experience from takeoff to touch down, we are still faced by elements out of our control.
Africa is well known for its weather extremities and as part of our safety culture, weather directly impacts on many of the decision processes during the course of a flight. Added to this is a good possibility that on your leisure travel experience you may be subjected to landing or taking off from an airfield that lacks navigational guidance (GNSS / ILS / VOR) facilities, commonly referred to as a bush strip (airfield).  Operationally this means that visual contact as detailed in the relevant regulation must be met and maintained to execute a visual approach onto any airfield that is not equipped with a suitable landing guidance system – this may also impact on major airports for our corporate travelers should said systems be subjected to maintenance or not functioning at the time of your intended flight.
Despite our crew being highly trained in the environment they operate in we will on all flights respect the minimum required flight altitudes and or conduct approved procedures only as published by the SA-CAA, our governing authority.
Should the situation dictate the necessity to divert, delay or cancel a flight due to prevailing weather conditions, it is an explicit condition of carriage that such decision was made in the interest of safety and that Pro Jet Africa, It shareholders, suppliers, employees and or sub-contracted suppliers will be not be held liable nor financially accountable for any cost or inconvenience incurred as a result of such actions.
In the event of inclement weather, Pro Jet Africa will communicate the potential impact on the flight with the relevant booking agent in a timeous and suitable manner.
We stress the importance of adequate travel insurance to cover for any unforeseen situations detailed but not limited to those stated above.