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Pro Jet Africa is a custom-tailored charter company, focusing on luxury leisure and corporate travel.
From booking to check-in, to a matchless in-flight experience and a once-in-a-lifetime getaway or the swiftest connection to your business destination, we do it all.

The Future is now

Pro Jet Africa is blazing a new trail; we’re raising the bar and re-defining the experience of bespoke travel to the most sought-after destinations in Africa.
We offer you the magic, the wonder, the artistry of flight – as a means to an end and as an end in itself. Sit back in sumptuous comfort as we whisk you away. Getting there becomes half the fun. You might be seeking relaxation and leisure, or are part of the travel industry, or you’re a busy CEO intent on maximising your time, or perhaps a mining expert needing to access out-of-the-way sites … whatever your purpose, time is money.  Choosing a private charter saves time – so let us enrich you in more ways than one.
Come aboard! It’ll be the start of an unforgettable journey with us.
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