Our Service

What singles out Pro Jet Africa is that service is at the heart of our business philosophy.
Our esteemed clients, guests and passengers don’t choose us merely for transportation, but for the host of benefits that we offer, together with our singular attention to serving them with the distinction they deserve. Every engagement that we have with our valued guests is five-star – from the first quotation we present, to our ‘meet and greet’ service, to the elegant comfort of the lounge itself and, of course, to the boarding and in-flight experience. All bear the unmistakable stamp of excellence.
Pro Jet Africa is a charter operator, not merely a broker. We adhere to internationally recognised safety and quality management procedures and protocols, while our superb, highly experienced team delivers a thoroughly professional and efficient service. You’ll find us more flexible and accommodating than other charter services; we pride ourselves on responding swiftly and proactively, and because we’re young and driven, we’re adaptable and constructive in our approach to delivering exactly what you want. Although we’re young as a company, we come with extensive and invaluable experience: our team is highly experienced and possessed of a wealth of knowledge in the luxury aviation, tourism and hospitality industries. We are well-versed in dealing with clients who have justifiably high expectations, who are accustomed to the best and who won’t compromise on quality and safety. Discretion and privacy are our watchwords; our bespoke service is uniquely designed to suit your needs.

Safety and quality

As a company, we rigorously monitor the quality of our service, meticulously checking all procedures, including all paperwork, the requisite legalities and the elimination of risk.
All documents are strictly controlled, with responsible oversight at all times. We are committed to ensuring that we deliver on all that we promise to do, and that there is total transparency in this regard.  
Your safety and comfort are our priority. We take the stress, anxiety and frustration out of travel, transforming it into a purely pleasurable experience.