When flying to your dream African Safari, you will most likely be landing or departing from a bush airstrip. These airstrips are located in the heart of the African wilderness and allow our guests to seamlessly access their lodge of choice swiftly and effectively.
Our crew are highly trained professionals with thousands of flying hours. In order to make a safe landing, visual contact with terrain needs to met at a published altitude, unless a published procedure exists that makes use of serviceable ground-based navigational equipment.
Unlike airports located in cities, these airstrips do not have ground based navigational equipment. This means that during the South African rainy season (typically between November and February) aircraft may either need to delay or cancel flights due to inclement weather.
For this reason, we insist that our guests have travel insurance in place as road transfers may need to be utilised in the event that aircraft cannot make a safe landing in the event of inclement weather.
Please view our weather policy HERE.